As part of our work we have to regularly attend events and meetings. While enjoying all these great events, it has come to the team’s attention how the opinions on business cards is splitting.

We live in a digital age; we came together as a team of creative people to build great branding on digital platforms. But with the developments of a digital age many people are moving to purely digital methods of sharing contact information. However, we still believe in the benefits of a business card.

Part of this comes down to the pure effectiveness of face to face conversations in completing business. But with the ability to share contact details being so easy with the use of electronic devices the real benefits of a business card are being forgotten.

First of all, a business card is more than just a way in which you can share details. A business card is a microcosm of yourself and your services. When you are handed one you instantly gain an idea and impression of the kind of work that the person does. If you have a good business card, the person will be more inclined to believe you provide good services and products.

Next up is the way in which a business card shows off your preparedness and professionalism. Yes, you can just pass details by phone, but imagine if that pesky device has finally ran out of charge by the end of the day. There will be nothing less impressive than writing down your details on a scrap of paper to hand over to a potential client.

Following on from how much more professional a business card looks than the other options, a business card is a physical call to action. When they see that business card again they will be prompted to contact you. And so begins the process of sealing business.

It also must not be forgot that while digital technology is become close to faultless, nothing will be able to stop your details being lost in the deep depths of a digital address book with a first name written next to it.

Finally, a business card is quick, and easy to share. If you are just being introduced to someone as you or they depart, sharing a business card only requires the time it takes to pull it out of your pocket, rather than sharing full details.

Just remember one of the key ideas that we constantly try to reassert is that your business cards need to be consistent with the rest of your branding. Once someone sees your business card they will be looking for the same branding when they follow up.

Our design team can create a variety of business cards. And can assist in building a brand that will allow your business to stand out. Get in touch!