The world of font is massive, and ever growing. TfL just released their new Johnston 100 to allow the London Underground to join the digital age. And that is just the latest in a long line of font based activity. From the redesign of the ever hated Comic Sans, to documentaries about how Helvetica is the perfect font. The font you choose for your brand will have a lasting effect on your potential clients.

As just mentioned, choosing a font such as Comic Sans is a near guarantee to result in your company receiving backlash from the internet. So you could utilise Helvetica and its near perfect appearance. This does however run the risk of your company being seen as uninspired and unwilling to take a risk.

So what should you do? Well the choice of font depends entirely on the type of product or service you are providing. Historically scripted fonts such as Edwardian or Lucida will give the impression of being high end and luxurious. Fonts that are more rounded and bold like Segoe will give an air of fun or an easy going business.

Learning the different effects a font can have on your audience is the first step to deciding which font to use for your website and products. Once you have settled on the font that you wish to use, much like we mention in all of our posts, the key is to be consistent with your choice. An audience base will learn and remember what your brand looks like it all aspects. If you begin to shift and change they will be less likely to recognise your brand when they see it.

Our team has years of experience matching fonts to brands. Get in touch to take advantage of our expertise to ensure that your website and products will stand out and trigger the best possible response from your audience.