Apple are testing iOS10. The new operating system, which is still n beta, has a raft of new functions. Lots of people will continue to argue iPhones as prohibitive and not that good. We believe it is a great OS.

Lock Screen

The changes with iOS10 begin with the lock screen. It includes a new feature called raise to wake which lights up the screen as you lift the phone. The lock screen now also doesn’t have the option of swiping to unlock and requires the use of the home button. A registered fingerprint will open while a unknown one will load the password screen.

A swipe right will load the notification centre which is filled with a whole raft of new widgets which we will come to later and a swipe left will load the camera.

iOS10 Lock Screen

The overall look of iOS10 is the same as its predecessor however what has hugely changed is the move from text based buttons to easy to use pill shaped buttons.  They have drastically improved the accessibility of the phone.

Notification and Control Centres

The notification centre has been completely revamped and is now customisable with various widgets, including third party which is likely to see an ever growing number of options that you can utilise on the phone. The swipe up control centre is now 2 separate pages. Separating tools from music. This allows for easy access to music controls that avoid all the other information. Annoyingly there still isn’t a quick option for hotspot turn on.


One of the biggest updates with iOS10 is the new features to Messaging. Messaging can now integrate third party apps. It also finally has a freehand drawing feature which can be accessed by rotating the phone landscape. And messages can be sent with different emphasis and background visuals.


Much like messaging Siri is now able to integrate third party apps which means for those of us who are too lazy to go into a specific app Siri can do the task through it as long as the app has built the necessary coding for it.


Widgets have been around for years in terms of computers and android phone. The iPhone had the option to change what you saw in your notification centre last time round. But this update is the iPhone lovers answer to Android. And claims the phone is too restrictive and customisable. Expect to see lots of widgets become available the longer iOS10 is about.


A minor change that will make the world of difference to those who like to take videos of their perfect lip syncing. The camera app will no longer stop music while you record videos. This is also good news for those who want to make cheap movies with less post edit work.

Apple Music

Apple’s rival to Spotify has two new features. The first being that you can use the phone to keep track of which downloaded songs are taking up the most space. Which is amazing news for those with a 16GB iPhone.

The second is the ability to have the lyrics for the songs you are listening to load up in the new music toolbar we mentioned above. So you can belt out a rendition of My Heart Will Go On without missing a single lyric.

Other Apps

In terms of native apps, Apple has added HomeKit as an automatic download. But for those not using these apps Apple have also added the ability to remove the launch buttons for all apps. So no need to hide Stocks in a folder anymore.


The iPhone has kept itself true to form. But has made huge steps in competing with 3rd party apps and then allowing those they don’t want to compete with to assist in ensuring the iPhone is better than any other alternative.

We are excited by all the new possibilities it means for designers and marketers. We will continue to be at the forefront of technology developments so get in touch to see how we could help you.