Greenwich Design has created a new brand identity for Asprey Healthcare, provider of residential care for individuals suffering from dementia, which reflects the company’s commitment to providing the highest level of care and support to its residents and their families.

Asprey Healthcare opened its first care home, Smallbrook, in Surrey this summer and, as a new company in the sector, it needed a brand identity that made it stand out from its competitors. It also needed to reflect the company’s different approach to care giving, in particular how it places its residents at the centre of every decision it makes.

In order to do so, Asprey Healthcare called upon Greenwich Design to come up with a brand identity for the company as well as a visual look and feel for Smallbrook that could also be adapted for future care homes. This would give all Asprey Healthcare run homes the same look and feel across all brand collateral, from websites to stationery and signage, though each home may have a different name.

From the brief, Greenwich Design created a new logo and visual identity that moved away from the traditionally used icons in this sector, such as hands or a tree, to that of a circle of stones in neutral muted colours. Stones are full of symbolism and reflect service solidity, performance, polish, subtlety, smoothness and individuality, all qualities associated with Smallbrook; not only in the care it provides but also in how the actual home is designed.

The choice of the right colour palette for Asprey’s brand identity was also an integral part of the new design as it needed to complement the logo and inspire a sense of calmness and reassurance to the eye. For this reason Greenwich opted for a grey/blue main colour as blue is usually used to promote a sense of calm and care. Nik Marshall, at Asprey Healthcare, comments: “I love the work that Greenwich Design do. Whether for big multinationals or start-ups, they get the idea and always create on-brief solutions. This couldn’t be truer for the brand identity they designed for us and our new care home Smallbrook, which perfectly reflects what we stand for.

Simon Wright, MD at Greenwich Design, adds: “This is the first time we have worked with a company in the residential care sector. When designing their branding and logo we needed to be mindful of Asprey’s primary audience, the residents in its care homes and their families. We worked very closely with Asprey during the whole creative process to make sure that the new design gave a sense of reassurance to those who have the extremely difficult task of finding a care home for a loved one.” See full article…

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