Next academic year, NTU will allow postgraduates to specialise in three different strands linked to graphic design, including the popular field of branding and identity, a broader based graphic design programme and illustration.

In fact, design graduates are prized for their digital prowess within agencies. “A lot of agency directors and tutors predate the digital world and aren’t as comfortable with it. This  is a brilliant opportunity for  recent students to take,” says Simon Wright, the creative director at Greenwich Design.

Wright’s agency works closely with nearby creative institute Ravensbourne, which offers an MA in communication design, accredited by industry skills body Creative Skillset. The latter recently launched professional network for creative people and businesses across the UK to showcase their work and job hunt. “They need to remember they may be a student in July,” says Wright, “but come September, they’ll be in need of a job.”

See the full story in the Independent.

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