Old and new come together in Slammer, a psychological thriller for our times

Greenwich Design may have been around for 60 years but we never get tired of branching out into new industries. Over the years we’ve created visual identities and branding across a wide range of sectors and our design briefs have covered everything from book covers to banking to bar snacks.

Because of our experience working with some of the world’s best-known brands, Ted Baybutt, founder of Chasing the Beat films, has chosen Greenwich Design to help shape the creative direction for his new film, Slammer.It’s the first time we’ve worked on a feature film, and getting under the skin of this psychological thriller to bring its iconic visual identity to life has been one of our most fascinating (and terrifying) briefs!

Slammer takes inspiration from the likes of The Usual Suspectsand The Silence of the Lambs, but also classics such as Alfred Hitchcock’s 1954 Dial M for Murderand more recent influences like the Korean version of Old Boy. It’s the story of a medical researcher living in London with her boyfriend who is kidnapped one day out of the blue. She wakes up in a high-tech prison and finds herself dressed in a motion capture-style suit. Over the coming year she is forced to watch her boyfriend’s life play out without her, with the identity of her kidnappers still a mystery. Most of Slammer’s story unfolds in this one key location, lending to an atmosphere of intensity and suspense.

We’ve worked on many visual identities that have become part of popular culture but this project is an absolute dream job for the movie buffs on the team. Our inspiration came from a mix of old and new: it’s been a fantastic excuse to go back and watch the great movies of the Hitchcock / Saul Bass era as well as many other modern suspense movies. The movie poster is being unveiled at the Cannes Film Festival this week and we’re looking forward to developing and rolling out the marketing materials for a full promotional campaign.

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