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A snapshot of our logo work

Here’s a few of the brands we’ve worked with over the years. You’ll see some familiar names and some new ones too. All with one thing in common – they believe that design adds value to their business. They understand the power of a great logo and they take positive action.

If you’re wondering where that Word doc is with the picture of your family crest, then you might need to think about investing in creative services.

Imagine having your own logo lovingly engineered to represent all that’s brilliant about your business. What a feeling. Think about it, we buy into brands ourselves, so why would our customers be any different?

Good design works because there’s so much bad design out there. The trick is to do something memorable, not instantly forgettable. That’s it. Take a look around, get inspired, think about what you need to tell us, and give us a call. We get it. We really do. That’s what we’re here for.

Advance Tiling logo

Advance Tiling

Commercial tiling contractors

Boggle logo


Inventor investment programme

Sarah Calvert logo

Sarah Calvert

Personal branding for a renowned psychotherapist

Duckhams logo


British lubricant manufacturer

Empire Elevators logo

Empire Elevators

Domestic and commercial lift engineers

Fortnum and Mason logo

Fortnum & Mason

Luxury department store

Garrods logo


Iconic dustbin manufacturer

Hertford Hotel logo

Hertford Hotel

The original Herford Hotel logo

Invivo logo


White goods manufacturer

Terry Jervis logo

Terry Jervis

Personal branding for a film, music and television producer

K and Co logo

K and co.

Independent architects

Long Life logo


Namestyle for a brand extension

Mothercare logo


Babycare product retailer

Nudge logo


Environmentally sound board game

Outlaw Creative logo

Outlaw Creative

Tee shirt printers

Panda logo

Panda Furniture

Office furniture manufacturer

Duckhams Q logo

Duckhams Q

Monogram for a brand extension

Roques ONeill logo

Roques O’Neil

Personal branding for an Aromatherapy alchemist

Shrieve logo


Chemical solutions company

Tabitha Redden logo

Tabitha Redden

Personal branding for a London makeup artist

Things Are Looking Up logo

Things are looking up

Character calligraphy exercise

Vizor Wize logo

Vizor Wize

Motorcycle accessories manufacturer

Willet logo


Industrial printer manufacturers

Ideas Exchange logo

The Ideas Exchange

City based financial consortium

Yellow Bird logo

Yellow Bird

Search engine concept work