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First impressions really do count.
Like it or not, people will judge your business on the first thing they see, which is generally your brand identity and if you don’t get that right, they tend to say goodbye and move on. Don’t panic though, there is a way. It’s not an easy fix by any stretch, but a solid investment in brand identity design can help you be that business your customers are looking for and become something that your team is proud to be part of – it’s a win win. Look at the companies you spend money with. What makes you buy from them? Check out your competition and see how they do it. What’s your first impression?

Was it good? That didn’t happen by magic. If you’re feeling a bit jealous, that’s okay, it means you’re realising that you’ll have to invest in your brand like they did in theirs. That’s where we come in. This is what we do. You’ll need bomb-proof design combined with careful planning and plenty of patience thrown in for good measure. Brand identity design the Greenwich way. No fluff, no guff, just bags of creativity, tons of experience and an irrepressible culture of hard graft.

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Here's some we made earlier

Cavendish Ware approached us with a request to bring their brand identity design and other brand assets up to date. They were concerned that their image didn’t say ‘wealth’; wasn’t future-looking enough; and didn’t represent them in the ‘grown up’, professional manner that is expected of a wealth management company.

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Cavendish Ware


5G Rural Dorset logo inspiration

5G RuralDorset is a ground-breaking public sector project to understand how next generation connectivity can help people live better, safer and more prosperous lives in rural communities, even in environments as sensitive as Dorset’s UNESCO heritage coastline. They needed a brand identity design which reflected this.

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Shield Membranes inspiration

In preparation for the opening of the first new felt membrane production line in the UK for 30 years, Shield approached us to create a brand identity design, a website and supporting promotional marketing materials for the launch.

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Shield Membranes


MG Roofing - Branded Vehicle 2

Sometimes even small businesses need help getting standout from the sea of other small businesses and a great fix for that is to commission professional design services. Having struggled to find anything meaningful in the online logo makers, MG Roofing decided to do just that and asked for help creating a really special brand identity design.

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MG Roofing


How we build brand identities in SE London

Kicking off.

As your branding design agency, our first job to fully understand your business. It’s important we get to know your people, your tone of voice, your customers perception of your company, your marketplace and any current communications strategy so we can build the right team around your design needs before we even start the actual graphic design process. This can be done face to face, over video calls, or any other way you feel comfortable.


Once we’ve got to know a bit more about your business and we get the gist of what you need us to do, we can start figuring out how long this design business is going to take and what’s involved. We’ll prepare a project scope which we can then discuss and adjust if necessary, we’ll also include your project timeline and cost estimates for all stages, and recommend the design team we think will work best for you.


Brand positioning is really helpful for figuring out your place in the grand scheme of things. We run brand essence workshops designed specifically for this if you need to rediscover what makes you special again, find your USP or unearth surprising insights about your business. This helps you define a clear direction to start with and speeds up the creative process.


Once you have your brand position, our creative design team will get to work researching current market trends and preparing moodboards, colour themes and appropriate font selections to start forming the building blocks of your visual identity. We explore all options at this stage, so expect to see many rounds of sketches ranging from contemporary minimalist logos, typographic treatments and monograms to abstract concepts, visual metaphors and leftfield sparks of inspiration.

Idea development.

Once we have a few strong creative directions, it’s time to fire up the Adobe Creative Cloud and get to work on building your brand identity shortlist. We’ll be working in monochrome only to test the quality of each logo design before we explore colour application and when we’ve agreed a colour palette, we’ll create real world mockups of stationery layouts or other relevant brand applications to help you visualise them in all their glory before the final decision on your preferred creative solution is made.


Before we hand over our creative to the artwork department, final adjustments are made to your logo and letterforms. The proportions of all elements and their relationships with each other are appraised, adjusted and nailed down, kerning is tweaked and tested for optimal legibility and logic is determined to ensure consistent application of the brand mark every time.


The point where your fantastic new identity becomes real. We’ll prepare open artwork in native file formats for all relevant applications. You’ll receive a folder containing Adobe Illustrator, eps and pdf versions of your logo in full colour, spot colour and black for offline production applications like stationery, signage and merchandise, along with a full set of web-optimised logos and favicons in jpeg, png and svg formats for all your online asset creation activities, social media channels and internal communications. Have a look at our design application page if you need our help putting assets together.

Remember, great logo design is a craft and requires a combination of specialist design skills, years of experience and masterful application to get it right. You don’t get that for fifty quid now, do ya?

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