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Brand identity and website for Forest Fund

Forest Fund’s objective is to protect the world’s remaining forests. They do this by encouraging organisations to plant trees, which, if grown correctly, can reduce atmospheric carbon and help achieve Net Zero, in a way that is profitable for each business. They needed a strong brand identity to differentiate them from smaller scale tree-planting organisations, and attract the attention of their C-Suite target audience.

"They came up with creative solutions and presented them in ways that challenged my preconceived ideas, and I actually got even better results than I was hoping for."

Jamie Cowan

Forest Fund mobile site - Team
Forest Fund website - Home
Forest Fund mobile site - Home
Forest Fund mobile site - Home
Forest Fund website - Home

What we did

Our challenge for the brand identity was to represent growth and appeal to senior business leaders without appearing too green. The business model aligned perfectly with the growth cycle of sustainable forest management so the solution presented itself to us and all we had to decide on was which stage of that growth cycle would best represent the business. We explored everything from saplings right through to finished timber and ended up in the middle using the profile of a teak tree, abstracted to represent outward, organic growth.

What happened

Using the linework from the logo, we built the foundation for a robust visual identity system which we then applied to the website structure and created a powerful online presence for the Forest Fund to be used as an information portal for the business and for anyone interested in learning about or even signing up to this fantastic initiative.

You can check out the website here.

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