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Planning a big one tonight? If your New Year’s Eve antics always leave you feeling like the living dead, we’ve got some top tips to help bring you back to life. Everyone on the team has shared their advice for sorting out the hangover. So ditch the jammies, get off the sofa, and let’s kick off 2022 as we mean to go on.

The trick is to prepare yourself beforehand. We know that hangovers are caused by dehydration but it’s not just about having a glass of water before bed. Drink plenty of water in the lead up, then try and have water in between drinks throughout the night. I also find that finishing the night with a pint of orange squash right before bed helps. Then plenty of cups of tea and biscuits the next day until I feel human again.

I’m lucky – I don’t tend to get terrible hangovers but when I need to blow off the cobwebs after a big night, I take a long walk in the fresh air. Greenwich Park is one of my favourite spots.

Long haul flights are cheaper on New Year’s Eve and that’s an easy way of managing my intake. When the crew refuses me wine, I try to fall asleep. If that’s not an option and a hangover happens, the best remedy is an oil-drenched fry up at the greasiest local greasy spoon. Somewhere with steel tables and scary customers. Go heavy on brown sauce and tabasco. Then return to bed.

I think fresh home-made celery, carrots, beetroot juice with a bit of ginger and lemon could make a difference. You could even prepare all the vegetables (wash, peel, cut and store them in your fridge) in advance and only make the juice in the morning! 🙂 Win-win! Starting 2022 with a healthy drink that has plenty of vitamins!

Choose your drinks carefully. Drink cask bitter the night before. I’ve not had a hangover since I switched to it 10 years ago. Never lets me down.

For me it’s all about tactical Nurofen! Have 2 before bed, along with as much water as you can stomach, then a Berocca and Nurofen ready for the morning. Seems to work alright for me. The hardest part is remembering to do it once you come staggering home at 1am…

Best cure for a hangover is to have a son who likes to wake you up at 5.30AM most mornings. This puts you off having any more than three pints the night before! Otherwise it’s full fat Coke, Nurofen and lots and lots of sleep!

My trick to preventing a nightmare hangover is to make sure I have a pint of water with a packet of Nurofen right next to my bed. When I wake up, I find the best thing to do is order a nice breakfast ASAP. A double sausage and egg McMuffin usually works a treat for me, paired with a large Coca-Cola!

I don’t like to think too much beforehand, especially on New Year’s Eve! My game plan usually involves falling asleep and forgetting to drink any water at all. I usually wake up feeling like I’ve gotten away without a hangover… short lived success. McDonald’s breakfast comes and goes very slowly. And finally, I find that plonking my head straight back into the cold side of the pillow, before very gradually crawling to a hot shower works a treat… five times out of ten!

However you end up spending your New Year’s Eve, we wish you all the best for 2022. Let’s face it, it can’t be worse than the last two now, can it?

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