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Graphic Design


Beyond Aesthetics: Graphic Design with Story & Strategy


With an illustrious history that spans over six decades, our studio has not just observed the evolution of graphic design but we’ve been an integral part of this transformative journey. We pride ourselves on offering the whole spectrum of graphic design services that are not just cutting-edge but also deeply rooted in strategic thinking and brand understanding.

At Greenwich Design, we believe that graphic design is more than just an aesthetic arrangement of elements. It’s a visual language that embodies the essence of a brand and tells the story in a compelling manner. We start at the customer and work back from there, making sure that every design solution we provide is tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients and hits their target audience. From multinational corporations to local startups, our portfolio is a testament to our ability to adapt, innovate, and deliver designs that capture people’s attention to drive tangible results.

Our suite of graphic design services is comprehensive. We specialise in creating brand identities that reflect the ethos and aspirations of businesses. Our team of creatives delves deep into the brand’s core to craft logos, typography, colour schemes, and brand guidelines that serve as a beacon, ensuring consistency and coherence across all touchpoints. Whether it’s a revamp of an existing identity or crafting a new one from scratch, our designs stand the test of time, propelling brands into their future while honouring their heritage.

In the digital realm, we find the sweet spot between functionality and form which means that what we do works, performs and entices your audience to take action. From website design to digital campaigns, our planning stages create seamless user experiences, our design stage drives engagement and the marketing stage promotes conversions.

Print design remains a crucial part of our experience. In an age where digital dominates, the tactile impact of a well-designed brochure, magazine, or packaging can differentiate a brand at levels that can’t be achieved through a screen and can leave a lasting impression on your customers. Our expertise in print design cover a wide range of materials, carefully selected to make the quality of the final product impeccable, from the choice of paper to the printing techniques used. We have personal ties with innovative paper mills across the UK who also share our values and desires to make phenomenal stuff.

At Greenwich Design, we understand that the landscape of graphic design is constantly changing with new cultural shifts and technological advancements so we provide our clients with solutions that are not just relevant for today but also adaptable for the future. Our commitment to sustainability is also evident in our design choices and processes, ensuring that our creations not only look good but are also good for the planet in terms of time, resources and money well spent.

Collaboration lies at the core of our ethos. We work closely with our clients, on journeys of co-creation where their insights and feedback are integral to our design solutions. This approach provides a perfect blend of our design expertise and our client’s objectives.

In conclusion, Greenwich Design is not just a graphic design studio; it’s a crucible where creativity meets strategy, technology, and sustainability. Our commitment to excellence, our rich heritage and our progressive outlook make us the perfect partner for businesses who need graphic design services that are not just visually stunning but also strategically sound. Join us on these creative seas and let’s shape the future of your brand together.

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