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Richard Fincham

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Senior Artworker

A part-time job at Iceland when he was 16 made Richard realise he needed to rethink his career aspirations. Inspired by movie posters and album covers, and always trying to design his own at school, Rich decided to turn his hand to design.

His first job was as a print finisher and he honed his skillset on the job by helping out around the repro studio before joining Greenwich Design. In addition to Rich’s design skills (and ability to drink copious amounts of coffee), he’s our resident tech-expert, so if your email isn’t working or the Internet’s down, it’s probably his fault.

 Little known fact: “I once stepped into a boxing ring and had my head punched in for charity.”

Top Work


Packaging creation for Shell Car Care

Selected Work


Custom E-Commerce website for Contemporary Applied Arts

Promoting the study, appreciation and understanding of the fine crafts in Britain.


Revamped food packaging for Tavern Snacks

Tavern Snacks only wanted a pack design for a new line of Chilli Nuts at first...

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