About Us

Welcome to the engine room at greenwich design

So what do we do? We bring your brand to life by connecting you to your customers in surprising and innovative ways. We’ve been generating concepts and making them real for over fifty years with companies large and small, across the UK and worldwide.

These are the talented people in charge of that magic. The big ideas people, the strategists, the creatives and the mystical tech teams are all here for your viewing pleasure. Have a poke around and see what makes them tick, they don’t mind. In fact, they’d probably like it.

Our Team

Simon Wright


I once shared a drink with Georgie Best.

Dan Bramham


I once ran 100m in 10.9 seconds - a long time ago!

Arrann Diamond


Owns a 1956 Oval VW Beetle.

Acrelda Farrell


Julie Potter


I once scored 180 by nailing a Blue Bottle fly to the dartboard!

Kate Chandler


Won a Reading Rainbow contest at the age of 6!

Liz Herring


I get great pleasure from a set of Caran D'ache crayons beautifully laid out in a rainbow!

Richard Fincham


I once stepped into a boxing ring and had my head punched in for charity.

Stuart Magee


I have a collection of over 5,000 American comic books.

Asfund Bagha


Climbed the highest dune in North Africa just to slide down it!

Samanta Anderson


I did a free fall experience in Denmark!

Imogen McGuinness


I'm allergic to Brazil nuts, but I still eat Brazil nuts.


The adventure starts here

Once you tell us what's holding you back, we can get to work and task our design team with helping you turn that frown upside down.


Giving love to every pixel

Our hugely experienced team delivers striking visuals, beautiful interfaces and intuitive user experiences with perfect code for your digital peace of mind.

Design & Digital

Where the magic happens

When you combine these forces you'll start to see things come alive. All joined up and complementing each other, working together to bring customers through your door.


This is what we do when we’re not eating and sleeping

Brand Identity Design

We can help you find your voice, discover your mojo and become that brand that people want to do business with.

Visual Identity Systems

We create logic for your brand, making sure your business collateral speaks the same way as your brand identity.

Design Support

You might just want a fresh perspective on your existing materials. Again, we're more than happy to help.

WordPress Development

We design and build clean-coded, bespoke WordPress themes, provide hosting and offer tailored support packages.

E-Commerce Integration

If you want to sell your stuff online, we can build and integrate a robust, fully secure online shop for you.


Junior Jones

Innovative design, high performance engineering and uncompromising safety standards.

We create and grow brands for the most ambitious companies in the world.