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Brand identity for James Cropper: Fibreblend

Greenwich Design worked with James Cropper to create a new brand identity that would reflect the company’s history and expertise in papermaking. The new identity includes a new logo, website, and marketing materials. The design team worked closely with James Cropper to ensure that the new identity was consistent with the company’s values and mission. The new identity has been well-received by customers and industry experts alike.

Greenwich Design also worked with James Cropper to develop a new website that would showcase the company’s products and services. The new website is easy to navigate and provides clear information about James Cropper’s offerings. The design team also created a series of marketing materials, including brochures, flyers, and email campaigns, to promote James Cropper’s products and services.

Greenwich Design is proud to have partnered with James Cropper on this project. The new brand identity and website are a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and quality.

What we did

The project began with a site visit to James Cropper’s 178 year old mill in the heart of Kendal. The tour gave us insight into how the technology works, how the material is blended, and how James Cropper deals with its various recycled paper streams. After extensive research we arrived at the name Fibreblend. We then created a visual identity that reflected the company’s purpose: Pioneering materials to safeguard the future.

We used a recycling icon to bring to life the essence of Fibreblend whilst sitting comfortably under the James Cropper parent brand.

What happened

The new brand identity was launched in tandem with their Fibreblend microsite. The website showcases the six different streams of recycled waste materials that were developed as part of the naming process: Cupcycling – used coffee cups and cup offcuts; Fresh – virgin wood and non-wood; Work – recovered from work and education; Mill – reworked from James Cropper’s own production process; Thread – upcycled textiles; and Trim – recovered from industry. Our client was delighted with the results – a name and visual identity that fully realised the potential of their game-changing technology.

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Brand identity for James Cropper: Fibreblend

Greenwich Design worked with James Cropper to create a new brand identity that would reflect the company's history and expertise in papermaking.

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