Ecommerce – Why we prefer WooCommerce over Shopify.

Arrannn Diamond

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WooCommerce and Shopify are two of the most popular e-commerce platforms used by businesses today. While both platforms offer a range of features that can help businesses succeed online, there are several reasons why WooCommerce stands out as the better choice for businesses looking to build an online store. Here are some of the key reasons why WooCommerce is better than Shopify.

Open Source

One of the most significant advantages of WooCommerce over Shopify is that it is an open-source platform. This means that anyone can access the source code of WooCommerce and modify it as per their requirements. Open source platforms have a large community of developers who contribute to improving the platform and fixing bugs. As a result, businesses using WooCommerce can take advantage of the continuous updates and improvements, making it a more robust and flexible platform.


WooCommerce offers more customization options than Shopify, which makes it a better choice for businesses that need more control over the design and functionality of their online store. With WooCommerce, businesses can modify the code and make changes to the appearance and functionality of their online store as per their needs. On the other hand, Shopify only allows businesses to make changes using the themes and templates provided, limiting the extent of customization.


While both WooCommerce and Shopify offer free and paid plans, WooCommerce is a more cost-effective option for businesses in the long run. WooCommerce is a free plugin for WordPress, and businesses can host their online store on a web hosting service of their choice. In contrast, Shopify charges a monthly fee, which can add up to a considerable amount over time. Additionally, Shopify charges transaction fees for payments made through external gateways, which can further increase the cost of using the platform.


WooCommerce is a more flexible platform than Shopify, making it a better choice for businesses that need to scale their operations over time. As WooCommerce is built on WordPress, businesses can integrate it with a wide range of third-party plugins and services to add new functionality to their online store. This makes it easier for businesses to add new features and adapt to changes in the market without having to switch to a new platform. In contrast, Shopify has a more limited range of integrations and requires businesses to use its in-house solutions for many features.


Finally, WooCommerce is a better choice for businesses that prioritize search engine optimization (SEO) for their online store. WooCommerce is built on WordPress, which is a more SEO-friendly platform than Shopify. WordPress has a range of SEO plugins that businesses can use to improve their online store’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). Additionally, WooCommerce provides businesses with more control over their store’s SEO settings, allowing them to optimize their online store’s performance in search results.

In conclusion, while Shopify offers many features that can help businesses succeed online, WooCommerce is the better choice for businesses that need more control over their online store’s design, functionality, and cost. Its open-source nature, flexibility, customization options, and SEO-friendliness make it a more robust and cost-effective platform for businesses of all sizes.

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