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Bitumen never looked so good

In preparation for the opening of the first new felt membrane production line in the UK for 30 years, Shield Membranes approached us to create a website and promotional marketing materials for the launch.

Shield acknowledged they needed to rethink their positioning and agreed to participate in our brand workshop to get to the heart of what set their products apart.

"We liked Greenwich Design’s work and respected their straight talking approach, so we decided to take a chance on what they had to say. The results are amazing – it’s safe to say we’ve all been blown away by the outcome.”

Barney Worrall

Shield Membranes logo building
Shield Membranes brochure mockup
Shield Membranes logo badge mockup
Shield Membranes product mockup
Shield Membranes inspiration

What we did

Our brand workshop uncovered some fantastic material that helped us reposition Shield. We developed the brand positioning statement ‘You’re protected with Shield on your side’ and built an impactful brand identity around this theme. The workshop forced them to think about what collateral they really needed, and why, so that every piece of communication produced had a specific objective in mind. We built 3D renderings to display their systems on data sheets, which in turn slipped into a presentation folder to give out to their customers.

What happened

The brand workshop not only laid the foundations for Shield’s new visual identity, it also forced them to think about their business model and question the changes they were thinking about making to it. Instead of making a large financial investment designing a website that sells directly to consumers in a highly competitive marketplace, Shield came to the realisation that they should stick with their strengths and focus all their efforts on selling in bulk to merchants. They’re doing great.

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